Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Survey Monkey is one of popular survey tool in the market. It is easy to use and provide a complete facilities to conduct a survey online.

We can choose the plan as below. If your survey is very short (10 questions) and only need less than 100 responses, you can try the basic plan. You can also used this plan for your pilot/testing phase. Then, for the real survey, you can select the second plan. It's only RM49 per month. I thinks its quite affordable - considering the facilities provided by Survey Monkey. If you plan your data collecting carefully, you only might need two months for collecting data.

Below is my account. All my survey is listed in the left with the summary of the data collection updates.

How to start a survey? Just click +Create Survey (on your right) then you will be directed to the below page. Add your survey title and choose the category.

For example, I have a survey name Testing. Then I choose the theme for the survey and upload a logo - to make it look more professional.

Below is the look of my survey. In Page 1, I choose Add Text to put the introduction part.

Copy paste your introduction part here.

Then, in Page 2, you can start add your questions. You can choose to put all questions in one page or you can separate them to a few pages. My suggestion - put it in separate pages.
For example:
Page 1: Introduction 
Page 2: Demographic
Page 3: and so on..
Below are the steps to add question:

Click +Add Question. Insert question detail. You can choose type of question and the display format. Click Require an answer to this question if you don't want respondent to leave that question blank.

Add caption
Save and Add Next Question

If you want to move the question to other order or Page, click Move. Then click Move Question Here (in the section that you want to move the question).

That's all. You can add Thank You page by using the same step as Introduction page. Below is the example of 1 page survey. If you have many pages, it will asked you to click Next button.

Hope it helps. Next,  I will blog about how to download the data for analysis. :P

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