Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes we are having a hard time to paraphrase the paragraph. We need to paraphrase our paragraph especially if we want to publish part of our thesis as a journal. This is one of the software that LS used: CLICK HERE.

Just copy paste the paragraph in the box. Click figure to see the larger view.

You can choose one of the recommendation from the tools

Click the orange button and the new paragraph will appear in the box. You can try to rephrase it for a few times to get a better paragraph.
Hope this help :)
Posted by Liyana Shuib On 2:11 PM 5 comments


  1. Wow. LS, this is super cool. Didn't know that such sites exist online :)
    Thanks a lot.

  2. I think this one is little better

  3. Amazing tips you have provided on paraphrase your paragraph. I am highly impressed with your thoughts. For creating professional content you can also use paraphrase online tool

  4. Pretty cool tool. But still there are online services present today that provides you quality paraphrasing service. Likewise us, we provide best paraphrasing service online. Do visit our website.

  5. these tools are useless if you intend to use for a blog. ok for link building but not for anything that a human would read.


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