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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to write journal and conference paper?

I learned this when I went to Amanda Spink workshop. I make a summary from her slide to share it with you. The difference between journal and articles (beside the length) is journal focus more on literature review while conference focus more on results section.

Framework of Journal and Conference

1. Title
  • Less than 8-9 words
  • Reflect the entire contents of the paper

2. Author Info
3. Abstract
  • Introduction/research problem (1-2)
  • Objective/Research goal (1)
  • Reserach design (3-4) – where/when/how/what data
  • Results (3-4)
  • Conclusion (1)

4. Introduction
  • 300-500 words (3-5 paragraph)
  • Subheading/Paragraph
  • Big picture: Motivation - why important/crucial?
  • Broad information – previous research
  • Narrower background (need for study)
  • Summary of problem (selling point)
  • Research problem - Clear problem statement
  • Last paragraph: the structure of paper

5. Literature Review/Related Studies
  • Have topics/subtopics 
  • Begin: Introduction and end with summary
  • Begin with available literature/analyze each article/organize the review
  • Strength and weakness of previous study

6. Research Questions/Hypothesis
  • Big goals – research Goals
  • 2-5 major Research Questions
  • Research hypothesis – intro is a basis , after state problem, must state hypothesis
  • Follow from lit rev, leads to your finding and answer to experiments

7. Research Design
  • Data collection/procedure/methodology
  • Define all your term
  • Instruction all task

8. Results
  • Report what data collected
  • Tables/figures
  • Summary of data

9. Discussion
  • What do results mean
  • What you learned from developing and analyzing your topic
  • Research contribution (what was new/unique/interesting)
  • Topic boundaries/limitation/assumptions
  • Significance of study hypothesis support
  • Key finding
  • How this finding relate to previous research finding

10. Conclusion and Further Research
  • Contribution
  • Summary
  • Further interesting discussion

11. References
12. Appendices (Table/Figure)

Hope this help. Happy writing!!!


  1. Salam Baby Ibu,
    Saya masih belum sempat share apa2 pun.
    Saya juga plan sambung belajar tapi buat study deferment sebab insha allah akan melahirkan baby bulan 8 nanti.

    Nice to read your information

  2. This is a very great outline! thanks