Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I always have things to do list. Usually I just use the sticky note. It does works for me. The problem is the sticky note sometimes misplaced and sometimes my list is longer. I then turn to usual paper note. Last week, I found an online 'things to do' web. It is so cool. The link is

We can list out our task based on project (work, personal, blog, study, publication). We can set the due date (they will send email to us to remind us) and after completed the task we can just click it. they also provides a lot of services to go together with the application.

For me, the best thing is it can integrate with gmail. So now I can see my things to do every time I open my gmail. I love it.

So, start your own now and manage your task. Planning is the most important things if you want to finish your research on time. :)

Posted by Liyana Shuib On 10:13 AM 1 comment

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