Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just a simple tips to write a good paper/thesis. For me, I agree with that we have just to write everything down and revise it later. It may be not good at first, but it better than nothing :P.



Everything starts with a thesis. Without a good thesis, a paper is nothing. It has no sense of direction, and theres no way of telling where it will go.

  • Start by brainstorming all the material on the topic, and no matter what the subject, no matter how long the paper has to be. It opens up my mind and helps direct where I want to go with the paper.

  • Finding an identity for your paper. In other words, you have to find a way to make the paper yours. The identity of your paper is usually how you are able voice your opinion (or the facts), successfully. Its something to separate yourself from other students, and for your paper to stand out to your professor. 

  • Examining the authors past can give a much better understanding of the book at hand. This includes researching their previous works.

  • The next step, as easy as it sounds, can sometimes be the hardest. Just start writing. It doesnt matter if it sounds horrible or doesnt flow well. The important thing is to get words and information out of your head and onto the paper.

  • A new pair of eyes on the work. Whoever it is, it is absolutely crucial to have someone look at your writing, because what makes sense to you may not make sense to someone else.

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