Monday, March 3, 2014

What is important in Viva session is we need to be fully prepared, mentally and physically. We need to prepare all possible "Why" questions and we need to know our thesis page by page. We also need to practice on how to present our Viva slide. Below is a checklist I have once I submitted the thesis:
  • Re-read the thesis  
  • Roadmap
  • Summary of the thesis
  • Summary of each Chapter
  • List of questions (General)
  • List of questions (By Chapter)
  • Answer of questions (General)
  • Answer of questions (By Chapter)
  • List of Correction - in case you notice error in your thesis
  • Key people of each area
  • Read Recent LR
  • Print/list all publication
  • Examiner biography and background -if you know who
  • Mock Viva - practice again and again

Below is the link of tips:

My collection of tips
Tips by Nick Fahrenkopf
Video by EssayPointUK
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